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Representatives from the Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground and the National Federation of Federal Employees, NFFE
Labor Management Forums share success stories and the Council discussed Employee Engagement as well as PDI and Confidentiality at November 19th Meeting
In its last meeting for 2014, the Council heard joint labor-management forum success stories from Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground/NFFE, and from Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service/National Association of Agricultural Employees (NAAE). Read More
  • What's New

    Pre-decisional Involvement Checklists

    These checklists have been adapted from those used by Federal agencies and their union partners that have experienced successful PDI over a period of several years at both the national and local level. These include planning checklists for unions and management, checklists for notifying the other party of the PDI opportunity and for responding to the notification, and a checklist to help the parties manage expectations in their PDI.

  • Pre-decisional Involvement Outcomes Interactive Module

    Representatives from both labor and management jointly developed a PDI Outcomes Interactive Module. For further information on the module, please click the link above.

  • Metrics Quick Tip Series

    Representatives from both labor and management jointly developed a "Quick Tip" series of videos on metrics development for labor-management forums. It is a series of short videos designed to guide users through the process of developing metrics to measure their forum's performance and progress.

  • BEP's Joint Labor Council Presentation Video

    At the March 19, 2014 Council meeting, representatives from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's Joint Labor Council presented to the Council on their recent successes. Chris Mahoney and Will Levy III briefed the Council on the accomplishments of BEP's Joint Labor Council.

  • Pre-decisional Involvement Frequently Asked Questions

    Representatives from both labor and management jointly developed a document containing frequently asked questions and answers about pre-decisional involvement. Please click here to view this document.

  • PTO and NTEU’s Labor-Management Forum Presentation Video

    At the January 15th, 2014 Council meeting, representatives from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and NTEU’s labor-management forum presented to the Council. These representatives, Howard Friedman and Fred Steckler, briefed the Council on their forum’s shared commitment to improving the agency through pre-decisional involvement, engagement from both sides, and continued senior leadership-driven change. Please click here to view the presentation on OPM’s YouTube channel.

  • Federal News Radio Interview with FLRA General Counsel, Julia Akins Clark on the National Council

    FLRA General Counsel, Julia Akins Clark, discusses ongoing efforts of the National Council's Problem Resolution Subcommittee on Federal News Radio on October 28, 2013. Please visit Federal News Radio's website to listen to the interview.

  • Email the Council Your Labor-Management Forum Success Stories

    The Council is interested in hearing about your labor-management forum’s successes. Has your LMF contributed to the mission of your agency? Have members of your LMF worked collaboratively to reduce costs and save time? Please share your experiences with the Council by emailing

  • Pre-decisional Involvement Quick Tips Video

    Representatives from both labor and management jointly developed a “Quick Tips” overview video on Pre-decisional Involvement (PDI). It is a short video designed to focus on common PDI issues and quickly guide users toward resolving problems with PDI.

  • FMCS Labor-Management Forum Training Now Available

    FMCS training on developing labor-management forums in accordance with E.O. 13522 is now available on OPM’s HR University

  • NASA’s Best Practices in PDI

    At the Council meeting on July 18, 2012, NASA presented a case study on its use of pre-decisional involvement through its labor-management forums. NASA developed a best practices guide based upon its experiences.

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